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aves-deus asked:

i'm still of the firm belief that "gaming journalism" must be eradicated because it produces dumb shit like that

On the flipside, bad apples in the bunch are often brought to attention more than the rest, not always, but take it for what you will.

Seems like every day, someone is subjected to hearing something so astounding and impacting in it’s level of stupidity that the mind has no recourse but to just stop for a minute to keep your brain cells alive.

Frankly, the entire industry is a mess from every angle, we can only try and keep ourselves clean, I guess.


You think dragons would ever rp being humans? Like, pretending to sit around having tea, or square dancing?

There seems to be a running joke in my current playthrough where Song somehow dies to something ridiculous (like a Sectoid Crit against height advantage when anyone else would easily return a miss) every mission he goes on. This is a Sniper I’m talking about, I think he’s cursed.

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